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Daniela Huerta → The Vocabulary of Sounds (Panel in English)

  • Hafven — Zukunftswerkstatt 14 Kopernikusstraße Hannover, NDS, 30167 Deutschland (Karte)
Baby Vulture

→ The Vocabulary of Sounds

(Panel in English) 


Daniela Huerta
aka Baby Vulture



    Huerta will be discussing the vocabulary of vocal sounds including trills, whispers, cries, sighs, and spoken word, focusing on experimentation and investigation of vocal sound as raw sonic material and a playful assemblage with field recordings and electroacoustics. She is seeking to combine a sonic ambiguity between nature and our surroundingss, electronics, and the enigmatic body of the voice, thus creating narratives which position us in an illusionary or defined time and space.


    Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Daniela Huerta gained her BA (Hons) in Fine Arts from the Central Saint Martins School in London in 2010. As a multi media artist, Huerta's work has been exhibited at events such as arteBA (Buenos Aires), Artissima (Milan) and Drawing Now (Paris).
    Huerta's interest in sound and music as an art form encouraged her to develop her own musical direction under the moniker Baby Vulture. In an almost archeological manner, she digs for distinct sounds she can incorporate into the transportive sound collages that are her DJ sets; where totally unrelated fragments of sound come together in mesmerising ways. She is in a continuous search on the unexpected; pursuing a sonic way to create mind-bending states as a way to come back to one self.
    Daniela Huerta is currently combining the body and sound in a form of performance, frequently engaging and questioning portrayals of female identity in theatric and self-reflexive ways, using ritual-like gestures, masks, mirrors, and costumes. She has undertaken themes such as Aztec and Mayan mythology, Japanese Butoh dance and the Selk’nam, indigenous people in the Patagonian region of southern Argentina and Chile
    She also works under the alias Cornerbred alongside the well known DJ and producer Magda and they had their first vinyl release out on the Australian label Balance in May 2015. They currently present and curate together the Berlin based artistic cross-pollination: Perm.


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